Friday, December 21, 2012

Games Workshop Product Review 2012 - The Worst of Warhammer Fantasy

Okay, the final part and we're back to where we started - warhammer fantasy. However this time it's the misses. I'm sure not everyone will agree but that's the beauty of an opinion. I'm going to go with four sets.

The Worst of Warhammer Fantasy

4. Empire Demigryph Knights

The best thing that can be said about these models is that they have generated more funny monikers than any other set. From "Angry Birds" to "KFC Quarterpacks", they were the "surprise" unit of the year - no one knew where they came from and why the Empire hadn't thought about them previously in its 2500 year existence.

That aside, they are pretty ugly models. For the same reason Space Marines shouldn't ride huskies, Inner Circle Knights shouldn't ride chickens. Not only ugly but also wrong-sized. They pioneered the 50mm x75mm base and these models didn't fill it up.

Apart from that I hated the propensity of Demigryph units to roll "Insane Courage" at inappropriate times.

3. Plaguebearers

This may not be a popular choice but I hate these models with a passion. They are cartoony and have goofy/comical demeanour. I am a big Nurgle fan but these models are just abject.

And to make them even worse is the inclusion of the Nurglings on the bases and shoulders. I am extremely happy that I've been able to buy up the older metals as I couldn't countenance ever using this dross.

2. Crypt Horrors

These are included as they represent an opportunity lost. I don't mind the Varghiest models but these so lack any imagination or creative thought. In essence they are just 3-ups of the Crypt Ghouls but what works for the Ghouls is bland for the Horrors.

I have 8 of these in my VC army but I couldn't bring myself to paint them. Instead I contracted out the "task". Sorry Sam!

1. Chaos Warshrine

Games Workshop released the Warriors of Chaos book in 2008. They have therefore had 4 years to come up with a Warshrine, with the benefit of seeing what other people have done. And it's not like examples are few and far between with most WoC armies having at least one (ans some unimaginative types, two).

And we get this. Really, GW? Really? I honestly don't think I've seen any conversions quite as bad as this and some have been dire.

Parts of it are good, but as a model it doesn't work. If you are looking for a Warshrine buy bits from one of the online bits retailers and make your own.


  1. I completely agree with number one! It's awful more and more evidence of GW lazy digital cut and paste jobs.

    Lots of manufacturers are taking to 3d modelling like ducks to water and excelling in it but GW's frames are getting worse and worse.

    I think the Demigriff (even the name is stoopid) needed to be bigger first and a touch more aggressive loooking rearing poses and slashing talons they really do look like chickens crossed with newfoundlands with chicken heads.

    You totally should do a worst Finecast release (obliterators excluded though make it a fair race!)

  2. Warshrine just has me fucked :)))don't understand why they had to add the two fat babies underneath it.The top does look kinda cool and i have ordered one just for the parts