Monday, December 10, 2012

Return of the Case of Shame

A few years ago, I looked at my ever growing pile of lead and plastic and decided that I need to have some system whereby the unassembled and unpainted mountain was transformed into painted armies ready for battle.

To do this I came up with the "Case of Shame".

Effectively this was a GW Figure Case - I had a few - into which I filled it up with models and I was unable to purchase any new figures until I had painted everything in the case. i remember that I did paint the whole case once and then refilled it. To reward myself I purchased some new models and then forgot about it....and moved onto the next thing.

Empty Case = Win!

So I proved the concept. I just to refine how it works in practice. My aim is to resurrect it for 2013. The plan I have is to do a 3:1 payoff. Paint three infantry models then I can buy one new one. Paint 30 then I can buy a 10 man Tactical Squad. Paint 3 larger models then I can buy new larger model.

Given I am looking to buy and paint a Horus Heresy army for next November's Campaign Day, it means I'll have to make a major commitment to painting what I have to "fund" it.

I'm going to keep a record of what I paint and do a monthly rundown (via the blog)....this will give me a "Purchase" fund. I'm expecting you guys to keep me honest.

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  1. I should try something like this too.I just can't seem to get enthused to paint anything at the moment