Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Games Workshop Product Review 2012 - The Best of Warhammer Fantasy

Time for my review of what was good and bad from Games Workshop product wise in 2012. I will pick my Top 3 and Bottom 3 in each.I've generally gone for kits rather than individual models so everything is plastic for Warhammer Fantasy. I'll be doing the same for 40k and Hobby.


1. Slaanesh Chariots

I'm betting I'm at odds with a lot of people but I loved theses kits. Why? Well let me say I am no fan of the plastic Daemonettes but the vehicle and the steeds are superb.

I love that these models gave a total new look to an old idea. And then when you look at the design it is oh so right. I like that rules wise it was new - giving the opportunity to mount sideways on the chariot base. And finally I love the concept of combining the two kits to make something entirely different again.

2. Black Knights

A well overdue update. Forget that it has spawned BK buses, the kit itself is great. The old BK models were awful but these take all the advantages of the new multi-part plastics with a sprue absolutely packed with options.

I was not so convinced by the sister kit, the Hexwraiths. Not sure why everything was flaming. Yes, balefire, but from a modelling point of view the inclusion is pretty awful.

3. Luminark/Huricanium

Again I suspect this might be an unexpected and controversial choice. I really like the models and think again GW has come up with something different. Sufficiently different anyway, for me to purchase two sets so I can make both up.

These really were unexpected releases in terms of the dynamics of the model and enhanced the scientific bent of the Empire within the Warhammer World.

Let's hope similar thought goes into some of the snore-bore books like Dwarfs and High Elves, rather than Stunties on Bears and an Elf Pegasus/Griffon unit.

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  1. 1. Plaguebearers are hands down best this year. 2. Festus was a great model. Lots of Character
    3. Coven Throne/Mortis Engine

    Here's a timeline of GW releases