Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Horus Heresy Swap Shop

I have started putting together my Death Guard Mk II and Mk III infantry last night.

My Sergeant needs to have a Power fist but I don't really want to shell out GBP 11 for the Character Upgrade kit.

Here's the piece I'm after:

I've purchased the Squad Upgrade kit and have two Sergeant Heads that I am happy to swap for a Fist.

Here are the heads:

Centurion Heads on the far right

These would be suitable for most Legions. Alternatively I can do a Mk II or MK III head instead.

LMK if you can help.


  1. Well I can't help with that request just yet, but I am looking to swap 5 MkIV backpacks (look suspiciously like Mk5 backpacks) for 5 'Legion' MkIV backpacks if anyone can assist.

    Pete if I send you photos of my other HH spares, will you create a gallery or something?

    1. I am wanting to do the same Alistair. It appears the original MkIV pack came with the MkV/VI pack. However the new Legion MkIV packs come with the newer type of backpacks which look similar to the MkVII style.

  2. Guys,

    Found a Oz based FW bitz supplier on eBay - bitzgalaxy.

    Source of single parts...bought a couple of fists delivered for just over $20. Expensive but cheaper than buying whole sets you don't need.