Monday, December 17, 2012

"Betrayer" - The Latest Horus Heresy Release

I love Saturday mornings. Apart from the general lack of going to work, they are the day when Forgeworld and Black Library send out their new release emails.

This Saturday, it was Black Library's turn and we had the release of the latest Heresy book "Betrayer". I immediately downloaded it and I am about 3 hours into its 17 hours of goodness.

The book is set a year after Istvaan V and the World Eaters and Word Bearers are continuing their campaign against the Ultramarines in the Calth system. Apparently Horus has realised that for everybody's safety, it is best to keep Angron occupied. Not so much the World Eaters but just their Primarch. It emerges that Angron is his Legion's shame - he is a bit like the Dad on the anti-alcohol ads who starts breakdancing at his daughter's wedding crossed with Shouty Sam, Angry Sam, Punchy Sam and Hit On Everyone's Missus Sam. In short he's a bit of an embarrassment.

Early on he gets his kicks winding up Angth tal (Word Bearer's captain) by referring to him as "Creature" and making disparaging comments about Lorgar (so he's not all bad). However once unleashed on the Ultramarines he becomes a One-Man-Wrecking-Machine. This is done to the effects of the "butchers nails".

Kharn, who is the voice of sanity in the Legion, holds the rest of the World Eaters in-check as much as he can. There are some amusing exchanges when he comes across a squad of Word Bearers torturing/crucifying some Ultramarines. The World Eaters are clearly the "big dog" in Horus's arsenal.

In the background, Lorgar is trying to get Magnus to join Horus in light of the destruction of Prospero.

One thing that was interesting in the audiobook is that the World Eaters are all voiced with very heavy Russian accents. Angron has a voice described as sounding like a "vomiting of gravel and bile".

Enjoying it so far....I'll let you know my thoughts at the end.

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