Thursday, December 6, 2012

Who Would Have Thought!

I read quite a few blogs each day - not just wargaming but also political and financial.

On one of these blogs they publish page views and site visits collected by an independent media commentator and measured by Sitemeter and Stat Counter.

I was scanning down the list of New Zealand-based blogs and was staggered to find that in November (the first month Fields of Blood was counted) that it was the 24th Most Visited Blog in November.

This was pretty staggering as the ones above it were either political e.g. Whale Oil, Kiwiblog, The Standard or general news blogs.

I wonder how many people will casually visit the site from the rankings.

Next stop the Top 10!


  1. I wonder if they accounted for bounce rate, ie. the visitor leaves on seeing front page.

    Having New Zealand Master's in the content title could side track Golfing and Tennis seekers for example.

    My personal design site, and my name, are shared with a prominent author. My bounce rate is about 50% and judging by analytic results, mostly from the authors home country.

    Now this isn't to be a killjoy, but it highlights a way in which you could attain Top 10 if you tailor your SEO to take advantage; in the nicest possible way of course ;)

    - Tael.

    1. Yep probably is a significant bounce but traffic has been growing from 10-15k per month in 2011 to 25-30k in 2012 (Peak October with 45k).

    2. Ahh now there's the truer indicator, very nice and reflective of the work going on here :D