Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Biggest 2012 Warhammer 40k Development

For me, the biggest development for my hobby in 2012 has been the introduction of Warhammer 30k by Forgeworld.

After years of skirting around the Heresy issue, Forgeworld’s two foot plunge into the Heresy has rekindled my interest in the 40k game [those of you living in the Peruvian jungle may not be aware that something in the hobby died for me the day Gav Thorpe released his bastard child on the world (Codex:CSM 4e)]. I have been reading/listening to the Horus Heresy books since inception in 2006 and the release of a gaming mechanism given GW have decided the Legions are too naughty for little Timmy, is a godsend.

From the sourcebook, Betrayal, through to the models released in support, everything has been first class – in fact it has exceeded my expectations. And with no potential for Gav Thorpe to come and crap all over it, this is where my Future Millennium Skirmish Space Action Game activity will be focused for the foreseeable future.

What is even better has been the response from local gamers to participate in a “Tale of X Gamers” army building project based around the Heresy. A dozen and a half have signed up and I am hoping most will see it through to a Campaign Weekend late in 2013.

I’m surprised it took Forgeworld so long to take the step. As far as I can see it was almost the most surefire success that a company could plan for. With a loyal base of fiction readers, the dis-affected anti-Thorpes like myself and those who appreciate the higher quality FW castings, it really is a license to print money.


  1. I flat out dont believe that you don't like Gav Thorpe, you have always been so supportive of his chaos codex on the past.

  2. I'm suprised Pete made it to Wednesday before ranting about a CSM codex...

  3. but he did such good work with the 7th ed Dark Elves army book? What was wrong with CSM codex Pete? ha ha

  4. Its not like Gav Thorpes codex is dead and buried now for the works of the grand messiah of wargaming in Phil Kelly.