Friday, December 7, 2012

Spending the Surplus

With the Masters run and won, the tournament year is over. During the year I have run five events – Runefang, Horned Rat, Fields of Blood, Skitterleap and the Masters.

These events generated a surplus after costs of almost $600.

This surplus has been put back into terrain as follows:
• 8 Basecloths

• Fortress of Redemption

• 7 Battlefield in a Box Sets - Elven Tower, Elven Artefacts, Desert Hill, Oasis, 2x Bestial Huts, Large Wood

These Fortress and BiaB kits were picked up at 30-50% off from Wargames Supply’s closing down sale.

This has left a balance of just over $100 with which I have purchased four 6’ x 4’ gaming boards.

So if you have played at a DBM event, thanks very much for your support. Hopefully you’ll agree that the surplus has been well spent to support future events. As it currently stands there is now sufficient terrain to support 30 player events in both Fantasy and 40k.


  1. Sounds fair to me, thanks for everything Pete, although it would be nice to have some dwarf terrain (e.g. brewery). I also wish to acknowledge that Warahmmer (fanatasy and 40k) in NZ would be a lot poorer if it weren't for the stellar effort and passion you put into the hobby. Plus, being the king of the hill or "the guy to beat" at most tournaments always adds that extra dollop of fun, especially with John and I daring each other to challenge you each alternate tournament.

    All the best to those at DBM, and for the tournaments in the year ahead.


    Adam Richards

  2. Yes thanks a lot Pete, I think Adam has said it for all of us. Our community would be a lot poorer without the efforts that you continually put in into organising and promoting tournaments and campaigns. The terrain we play over continues to get better and better and enhances the games considerably. It still doesn't make me play better (or faster) so maybe you could create some terrain to achieve this? Your transparancy on the accounts has not been asked for but is very welcome.
    Adam - didn't you get to play with my cardboard dwarven hall, brewery and ale house at Vermintide? Not the same I know.

    1. Look guys, enough with the compliments/praise.

      This is a thread to show how much I ripped you off and what I did with the ill-gotten gains.

    2. If you want to embarres a Kiwi, give them some praise. Or grind your pelvis against their leg in public, either works. Praise is probably easier over the net.

      Adam speaks for all of us, thanks Pete for all your hard work. Though if anyone starts singing 'For he's a jolly good fellow' he'll be brained.

    3. There was a dwarven hall and brewery terrain at Vermtide?! Simon!! Why didn't you point that out?

      Sorry about that Neil, I will try and keep my eyes open next time. I need somewhere to deploy my quarrellers.

      - Adam Richards

  3. You are a blight on the community old man. Your vice like grip on the fantasy community is a cancer that needs cutting out. You never help anyone.

  4. "This is a thread to show how much I ripped you off and what I did with the ill-gotten gains".

    You bastard! Give us a refund and lower the costs in future.

  5. Yea thanks a bunch Pete, you've done a fantastic job. However, next time a give you a bottle a wine for a thank you gift for letting me stay at yours, down the entire thing in one sitting, so, you know, to improve your game the next day and all ;D.

    But in all seriousness, I don't know what the Warhammer/40k scene would be like without you, heck of a guy you are.

    More Dwarf terrian would just be gravy thought (keep that in mind)

    1. Simon just having a Dwarf army under his roof for the night was reward enough ;)

      Seriously though, big thank you to Pete for all the work you do with the tournaments and this blog. Without it I would probably not have gotten back into Warhammer.

      Never have a problem with the price point of a tournament for a weekends entertainment and it's obvious that you put a lot of your time & money into the terrain and scenery.

      Having said that I totally blame you for the filth level of my Skaven army at most tournaments. No true Skaven takes responsibility for thier own failings :)