Thursday, December 13, 2012

Army Pics... finished necrons!

Well, a little late, but I finally got around to taking some photos of my army.

Unfortunately I had to use my wifes camera, without a tripod and in failing light, but I think I did an okay job of cleaning the photos up!

It's a wraith dance party! Shrimp anyone? Perhaps a prawn?

Command Barge #1

Command Barge #2
Immortal squad with Crypteks
...and from behind.
The first lot of 10 warriors with Crypteks
A Ghostark to keep them company
More Ghostarky goodness
Ghostark congaline!
Some nightscythe silliness to keep them company.
*portal noises*
Zoom Zoom!
Awww little bugs!
Some more warriors...
The beginning of wraithspam city!
The first Wraith squad.
Hot little wraith behind!
The second Wraith squad.
We're ready for our closeup sir.
Baby got back.
The third wraith squad.
Ladies and Gentlemen, the class of 1999!
The dreamteam, best 270 points I ever did spend.
Hello ladies!
A group shot!
More group action.
Rise of the robots!
Action Shot!
Moar action!
MOAR action!
annnnnnnnnnnnnd that's it for now. :)


  1. faaar, nice one charlie. that bounce lighting and weathering looks mean as
    might look better on square bases though, you knowumsayin? :p

  2. Fantastic work Charlie! WOW supremely jealous. Any chance of a tutorial or set of stages one of these days? I assume you use a brush of air?

  3. Certainly can do :)
    Airbrush is used for the metal and the green glow, white is brush work, damage is sponge.