Monday, December 10, 2012

Cream Rises To The Top

It's funny when you write a blog and view the stats around which pages are popular, that there are some that stand the test of time and always attract ongoing attention.

One of these was the post that I called "The Sundering". It was a guest post by a good mate of mine, Brad Morin on the Rage-quitting that took place when 8th Edition was released.

Even though it is over two years old I see that this month it is again in the Top 4 most read posts of the month. That is amazing and indicates it is either still interesting or that the other content on the blog is rubbish. I'm going to go with the first.....

You can read Brad's post here

So what are your thoughts? Are Brad's points still topical two years on?


  1. The comment string in that post is solid grade A gold. Love it.

    1. is good isn't it :-)

      Two years on most of the top Aussie 7th Ed guys are still playing Warmachine....or not playing at all.

      Personally I was never sure whether the move was a reaction to 8th or rather the 2010 Oz ETC team realising their 4th at the ETC was a good time to get out and try something new.

    2. Maybe a bit of both? I can see why competitive types don't like 8th edition WFB and prefer something like Warmahordes, which is more set up for tournaments etc. It's funny how some warhammer players seemed to take it personally that some people didn't like the new edition. It's all just toy soldiers :)

    3. And vice's funny how some ex-players take it personally that some people like the new edition.

      I like it much more as I think the skills you use are more actual skills i.e. risk assessment, mitigation and management rather than the ability to estimate distance, angles and the delivery of units to an abstract combat system where only one person fights.

      Don't get me wrong, I used to enjoy 7th but IMO 8th is a far more enjoyable game due to the skills you have to employ.

      A lot of the people who left Fantasy to move to Warmachine used to pooh-pooh 40k because it was a lower model count skirmish game with 360 degree movement and shooting. So I don't think their arguments were necessarily always consistent.

      However the other thing that has corresponded with 8th - here in NZ at least - is the move from subjective to hard cap comp. That has made tournaments far more enjoyable. I've always remained surprised that Oz has stayed with subjective comp - certainly the argument that it produces diversity/variety has been largely disproved. With the move to more balanced books plus hard caps the NZ scene has never seen such variety in the number of races represented at events e.g. Masters - eleven races between 12 participants

    4. Yup that's your view on which edition is more skillful - for me that was 7th edition :) But I respect what youre saying, and like you I also enjoy 8th edition.

      There's a very good spread of armies in the Oz scene too, and even armies like Tomb Kings are doing well and being represented at the Masters in different builds. So it's possible that both systems suit the particular environment they're in. Personally I wouldn't really

    5. say that one system is better than the other

  2. Nasher making zero sense in the comments section.. Some things don't change.