Monday, December 17, 2012

NZ ETC Team Announced

The New Zealand team for the 2013 ETC to be held in Serbia has been selected. It is:

Chris Willcox (Non playing Captain)
Mal Patel
Tim Joss
Simon Turner
Michael Stewart
James Humphries
Mark Audley
Haig Mclisky
Dave Meachen
Mark Skilton (Team Tech)

By my reckoning the team has two playing members with previous ETC experience - Mal Patel and Dave Meachen but has a NPC and Team Tech who have attended previous events.

There are two local players - Mal and Tim - the rest being based offshore. Haig McLisky is a New Zealander living in Australia and is #7 in Australian Rankings. Indeed the team has strong Australian component with Simon Turner (#41), Mark Audley (#45) and James Humphries (#52).  I'm not sure where Michael Stewart is based.

All the best for the planning and preparation for the event. And remember guys, the NZTC still has places if you want some team practice.


  1. Simon Turner I think is also a kiwi or his parents are he played for te OZ ETC team this year. Also played in the OZ Masters event in 2011.

    Haig also played in OZ Master in 2011. Both are sound WHFB players.

    Michael Stewart is know as the noggin and reside in quake central CHCH


    1. I've played Haig (Orktoberfest 2008) and he is a very good player. We fought out 10-10, his Empire vs. my Woodies

  2. So James Humphries is jimbo off WargamerAU, yes?

  3. Smash those nerds Humps!!!