Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Biggest 2012 Warhammer Development

When it comes to the Best Warhammer development of 2012, this too is an easy one for me.

Ben Curry’s Bad Dice Daily Podcast started mid-year. It produces a 15 minute podcast episode that coincides with my commute home. The beauty of the podcast is that it is topical, covering an event or issue that has raised its head on the forums/Twitter.

It must take enormous commitment to create 15 minutes per day but it does score over other podcasts for its topicality and its concise nature.

I still enjoy some of the longer podcasts but while there are more out in cyberspace it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is better. Ben’s flagship fortnightly Bad Dice Podcast has got better through the year as it has got tighter and more focused in its content. I like the Six Dice Monkeys podcast and for irreverence you can’t go past the Black Sun.

Andy Warhol once said that everyone has fifteen minutes of fame. You can’t help thinking that for some who get behind the mike, their watch is running fast!

Finally, 2012 saw the demise of Heelenhammer. The hosts said it was becoming a chore and when that happens then it is probably time to stop.


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