Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Games Workshop Product Review 2012 - The Worst of Warhammer 40k

Okay, time to mix it up. Warhammer 40k and rather than Top 3, I'll give you my Bottom 3.


3. Heldrake

In another year this would be competing for the worst spot but in 2012 it does have stiff competition. For Fantasy, I said that sometimes thinking outside the square works, well here's proof that sometimes it doesn't.

I mean GW, really? Where did this come from? Well we know don't we? Somebody had a birthday and got an Action Toy.

2. Stormtalon

I thought that this model had one redeeming feature - it wasn't quite as bad as the Storm Raven........but looking again, it's far worst.

Let's put aside the fact that it is Imperial, how does the stupid thing fly. Is this really the progress made in aerodynamics in the next 38,000 years?

At least the FW Stormeagle is a nice kit.

1. Thunderwolf Cavalry

Right, not even on their worst day should anyone thing Hairy Gingers riding overgrown huskies was a good idea. But to compound it further they gave you one with Lightning Claws.

Again.....38,000 years guys....and you have jacked cybernetic ab-humans riding dogs.

Horrible concept, questionable execution.

Some new lows plumbed!

EDIT: I don't know how I missed them but as Al* pointed out in the Comments, the Mutilators have to be there. So I'm going to say I was wrong when I said the TWC were a new low. In terms of concept and execution you have to say that the low belongs to these:

I'm going to give myself an out in that I wasn't really looking at Finecast models, confining all my choices to plastics. But really these do deserve a special meant. Let's take the already questionable Obliterators and make them worse.


  1. I love all 3 of those models, which is highly entertaining in itself :)

  2. The Heldrake, I can take or leave, but don't be hatin' on the bumblebee!!!

  3. TWC are dumb, ugly, and top the list for me. yuck

  4. It's been a pretty good year if that's the bottom of the barrel, model quality from GW is really leading the industry, even if some of their recent concepts are a bit kooky in the eyes of seasoned gamers. Mutilators should have made this list tho.

  5. yup , love the top three as well, the mutilators... meh not so much, maybe a different paint job.. ehh