Tuesday, December 18, 2012

HomeCon III

The first Warhammer Fantasy event in Wellington in 2013 is the NZ Teams Championship, with the first singles event not until Easter (NatCon).

With that in mind, I have organised HomeCon III at my place on the weekend of 12/13 January. There are twelve ready to go and it includes a fair number of the recent Masters field:

Tom Dunn
Peter Williamson
Pete Dunn
Sam Whitt
Mike King
Neil Williamson
Joel van de Ven-Long
Locky Reid
Ryan Lister
John Tailby
Glen Burfield
Wil Hoverd

These are really relaxed affair with a BBQ each day for lunch.

As it stands I can probably fit another table in so if there are two others interested in a weekend of fun gaming early in January then please drop me a line.


  1. I would definately be keen if there is still space? Let me know and I will have a word with work to get the time off arranged.


  2. Certainly Dave. I wasn't sure re your availability.

  3. I also be very keen as well, hey I might bring these things called "Wood Elves" I have sitting around for a change.

    But if I can come, I just might feel like destroying everyone's weekend!

  4. Okay Dave and Simon were the first two. James Millington is next in line so can you please confirm back to me that you are definitely coming.

    1. Will do, I'll check dates and such. However, I should be fine :D.

    2. Hey Pete, just gave you an email of conformation.

      I think I used the right email address... ;D

  5. Thanks Pete, I will confirm with work tomorrow and let you know ASAP.

  6. I would be keen as Pete if there is still space!