Thursday, June 21, 2012

6th Edn Rulebook Price Confirmed

The pricing of the new hardback rulebook has been confirmed.

Here in New Zealand it will cost $146 RRP. To see if we are better off than the rest of the world I have converted it into foreign prices at today's exchange rate. This translates into a New Zealand cost of USD 116, AUD 114 and GBP 74. I beating that the RRP in both the USA and the UK will be less than those amounts.

The Psychic Powers cards are $20 RRP.


  1. BoLS says its US$74

    so um, yeah, US$40 more... and Nathan was wondering why I don't buy things at GW Wellington!

  2. Think of it as your contribution to the European bailout James

  3. Any idea where we can buy the Gamers Edition Rulebook from? I recieved the email today about them, however they are not listed on the official website as a product you can preorder.