Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Things I’ve learned so far checking Fields of Blood Lists

  1. The Baron is compulsory in Dark Eldar lists
  2. With Grey Knights, less is more
  3. Necron society is based on a complex set of duopolistic principles where every choice is mirrored
  4. The bane of the 40k Universe – Space Wolves – have been wiped out
  5. With Tyranids you need to bring flowers for new mothers
  6. Dark Eldar used car lots must have a lot of Raiders gathering dust while surely there is a waiting list for new Venoms
  7. If pairs are good for Necrons, triples are the new black for the Hive Mind.

 More to follow.


  1. 1. At 1500 basically DE builds itself, 3 Ravager, 3 Trueborn, 3+ Warriors and Venoms everywhere + an HQ and maybe some form of counter assault unit (i.e Beasts and the Baron). In general I expect less variation in competitive builds for all armies actually, you still need to bring your essentials (3-4 scoring units, heavy anti tank and light anti tank + anti infantry if your scoring units are terrible) which tends not to leave much room for other stuff/redundancy.

    2. Starfish army, that is all.

    3. 2 Overlords on Barges, 2 x 5-6 Wraiths etc? I expect at least one Immotek list though.

    4. Space Wolves are strangely absent from the 40k tournament scene in NZ, which I do think has a major effect on the strength of some builds. Charlie ran them once at Masters and other than that I think I've only seen 3-4 people use them over the last 2 years of tournaments I have been to (and only one was an optimized/competitive list).

    5. Tervigons are amazing (which is rare in the Nid book to start with) and even moreso at lower point levels where you can easily rely on 1-2 of them for all your scoring needs. The mission you are running which has generated units not counting for killpoints is an added boost.

    6. Raiders really don't have much going for them at the moment compared to a Venom. More expensive (with or without upgrades), less durable (single weapon) and for the moment the capacity isn't much of an advantage since the DE assault units don't see much use.

    7. Triple Trygon and triple Hive Guard ftw. Also see 5

    1. #4 - I'm pretty sure that all Space Wolves were wiped out by the Emperor's Children (Noise Lord Challis Drant) and the Death Guard (Plague Lord Colthrax) in 3rd and 4th Edition. They reared their head a bit in 5th Ed but rumours of Chaos rising saw them off :-)

      Our Dark Eldar friends (some would say progeny) saw off Charlie's ill-fated Wolftime

  2. I'm bringing the Wolves! Thats not really saying much though... doubt I'll be running the top tables :P