Tuesday, June 26, 2012

And There Was Much Rejoicing......

as 40k was dragged into the real world with the introduction of pre-measuring in 6th Edition.

There will no doubt be some moaning as the critical "skill" of being able to distinguish between 5.9" and 6.1" is removed from the game.

Suddenly owning a Realm of Battle Gameboard is not an advantage/disadvantage in the game.

Welcome to 2012, Warhammer 40k.


  1. I love how people are complaining that 40k is now more random. They dont realise that the game is built around random D6 rolls already, and 2D6 is less random

  2. I'm looking forward to the release and giving 40k a go,plus the book will be a pleasure to look through.Roll on Wednesday i say

  3. Quite looking forward to reading the book. If it's as packed with stuff as the WH book is, it should be an interesting read.
    Wonder if it has a centrefold like the WH book does.