Thursday, June 21, 2012

Blockade Beater

Ever wonder what happened to Wayland Games' bold claim that they would have a solution to GW's restriction on Rest of World sales?

Yep, so do I!

There were ongoing promises that it was 3-4 weeks away but it never, to my knowledge, eventuated.

Thankfully I didn't hold my breath and it's nice alternatives stepped into the breach.


  1. Yeah, they did a good job of making promises but they never followed through. Disappointing, really.

  2. Yeah, totally disappointed with Wayland. So what are the alternatives - can you be more specific?
    Regards, Bryan.

  3. You could almost say they did a GeeDub. Make bold promises, only to follow up with utter silence.

  4. whoa, bitter much? Give the guys a break, they were trying to work through a legal loophole, and despite how promising it may have been they were very open about it; I wouldn't be surprised if GW's legal team cottoned on post haste and worked overtime to close the hole.

    1. My memory is hazy, but I think they did post an update talking about how they were actually in contact with GW peeps about this. Still with the hope they'd bypass the embargo, but it seemed things were pretty dire of that happening.

      But ignoring that why say anything? They tried and obviously failed. I don't see why that immediately tars the brand as being dishonest, when they're still legally trading minis and games at good prices internationally.

    2. oops, I really should sign off and not be some anonymous chode
      Chur - Dave D

    3. Well I think that if you indicate that you are going to do something and for whatever reason it doesn't eventuate, then it makes good business sense e.g. goodwill to inform people. To not mention it ever again while still sending the same people monthly updates is a little puzzling

      I certainly don't view them as dishonest, rather hopeless at PR. I suspect that they have pissed off more than a few people by saying nothing.

      Still every cloud has a silver lining....and I've found mine (and source my GW accordingly).

    4. That's what I feel wired about; that people even feel entitled to an explanation from a company that was trying to undo the cruddy actions of GW. They tried, they failed, they moved on.

      I was happy that they at least gave it a shot.

      - DD

    5. Different folks, different say entitlement, I say courtesy.

  5. Hi Pete. Hope this message gets on the board - I'm new to blogs and my last 2 attempts didn't make it. I'm also interested in how/where you are sourcing your GW minis (nearly cried paying $90 for an ork bomber last week). I don't seem able to contact you directly. Help! Please.