Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Race for the 40k Masters

Six months out from the Masters I thought I’d give an update at where people are sitting regarding qualification in 40k. This update does not include the results from the recent Southcon or NiCon events but takes the RHQ numbers and strips out the Guardcon Doubles that are padding a number of rankings.

This juggles positions substantially from the RHQ numbers. There are still a number of events to be held between now and the end of the year – Fields of Blood, Call to Arms and Conquest – and the NiCon/Southcon effect to be factored in. Expect things to be shaken up as these results are loaded.

Remember eleven places are up for grabs.


  1. funny that i'm still 7th; guess attending ~8 tourneys last year has given me some padding. Since i'll be attending all of 2 ranked tourneys this year, i think it's safe to say i won't be at Masters


  2. Cool, thanks for this, I did this a month or so ago to work out roughly where everyone was without Guardcon factored in but didn't save it. Given the way that the top placings in tournaments seem to be the same people every time it looks like 200 odd points should be enough to get you into the top 10.

    Does this include points from any tournaments which will be superseded by the time the Masters qualification date rolls around? Also do any of these players only have points from two tournaments (since that leaves plenty of room to jump up once they play a 3rd)?

    I should also point out that the points for the 40k Open haven't been uploaded yet which will probably jump a few people up into contention.

  3. Archenemy as well could put people over the threshold for entering masters.

  4. Includes events that will be superseded by 31 October.

    Nobody on the list has only 2 events. Highest two-eventer is around 150-155 points.

  5. I dont think the SouthCon results will count as it was a doubles tournament for 40k