Thursday, June 7, 2012

Warhammer Achievements - Cancelled

Unfortunately I am postponing the upcoming Warhammer Achievements (23 June). As of yesterday I only had four people sign up to the event and given that it is just over two weeks away, it is not economical to run it. I will look to reschedule it at some point in the future.

I'm really disappointed that the event didn't get more support as I felt that it was something unique on the NZ calendar, offering the opportunity to explore some of the more fun aspects of the hobby.

However I'm not giving up on the concept as I think the event has legs. I also thought that the one day nature of the contest and smaller point size - coupled with a reduced focus on winning - might attract some people who we didn't see at other events.


  1. Sorry to hear that Pete. I really wanted to come but the date fell right in the middle of my exams. It seemed like a great idea I'm sure next time you'll get a decent amount. By then I may have persuaded a few more fellow Wellingtonians to have 1600 pt ready to go.

  2. I was being slack, be did intend to come.


  3. I was also being slack but was going to come and just assumed anything Pete runs warhammer flavoured was going to be well subscribed. I don't like to sign up to anything I can't afford at that moment, so I was waiting until next pay to enter.

    Sorry to hear of the postponement - I'll sign up next time straight away!!


  4. Sucks. I was really looking forward to this-had my "perfect" list for achievement "soft score" FTW all prepared-even made some warp stone tokens...

    Oh well-keep me on the list for the reschedule Pete!


  5. I was also being slack... Did intend to come
    Sorry ...

  6. Would have liked to come but the date was no good for me with uni hand ins happening straight after it. Looking forward to the event when it is re-dated and hopefully I can attend this time.


  7. I was going to come but too poor right now to source the army I wanted to bring. I was going to take all the negative achievements possible In a horrific dark elf form. Shame to hear about the poor sign ups. The idea definitely sounded fun.

    Alex A

  8. Yet another was going to come here but wife is at home after operation and leave pass was impossible, as you say the event definitely has legs and will look out for it in the future. Thanks for doing the ground work Pete and hopefully it goes ahead at a later date, it seems to be a really different and needed event for the WHFB scene to grow and encourage the hobby side of gaming back

  9. Ditto it was a week beofre i fly to the UK, back end of sept so any time after that and i'm in. I'll be rocking out the forest gobbo's