Friday, June 1, 2012

My Warhammer v8.1

The last six weeks I’ve been reviewing some of the major changes in 8th Edition. These were rules identified as contributing to the round of Rage-Quitting we saw in 2010. My view has been that all of these changes have been improvements and as a result it is, in my experience, a far better and more enjoyable game.

Three or four readers have posted comments that I am far too optimistic in my views and I need a good dose of realism. Obviously I disagree and would contend the game – with far more minimal comp than in the past – is the most balanced it has been in a decade. However, it is not perfect and I thought that in fairness a number of the rules I would change if I was given the Games Designer pen.
  • Terrain and LOS – I would change Woods/Forests to blocking LOS. This would balance the dynamic where you can shoot through woods but only take a penalty if you have a BS. It would also increase the number of hiding spaces for units.
  • Terrain and Movement – Ranked units can’t march through Difficult Terrain.
  • Reforms – I would limit Swift Reforms to units that retain their existing formation i.e. you can either change formation (Reform) or retain formation but change facing, then move (Swift Reform).
  • Power Dice – limit to 12 Power Dice maximum.
  • Innate Ability Bound Spells – introduce a miscast table for IF and Loss of Control
  • Buildings – Limit capacity
  • Magic Items – re-point some items e.g. Crown of Command, Charmed Shield and re-word others e.g. Banner of Discipline (not cumulative with IP)
  • Steadfast – exclude front rank from calculation
  • Monsters & Handlers – overhaul these rules. They are very messy.
  • Random Game Length – introduce this mechanic
So this is not a big list but IMO their introduction would further improve the game by addressing what I perceive are weak points.

 I’d be interested in what others think.


  1. Hard to find fault really, I would happily play as you suggest. Putting the brakes on lol6dice bound items has to be done, destroy it or break it for a couple turns. Swift reform is a good call. Would like to see a counter to steadfast when ranked opponents are rear or flanking, but yeah.. all good.

  2. Steadfast needs to be broken by ranked units charging rear or flanks.

  3. Does nerfing the Dreaded Thirteenth spell count as changing 8th edition?


    In all seriousness, I like all your suggestions, but I would add that I would like Template weapons to hit either the Rider or the Monster, not both! It strongly discourages ridden monsters at the moment.

    1. I agree with this, but then you should get the points for killing one but not the other (as in 7th Ed). There does need to be some reward for pinging that Screaming Bell but not the Seer, because good luck getting him otherwise.

  4. I thought a bound spell was detroyed after it was resolved on irresisable force. Are you confusing this with an inate ability?
    eg Hierotitan has two bound spells, which when miscast are lost, but the casket of souls spell is an inate ability which can never be lost.

    Terrain and LOS - disagree. Its fine how it is. Theres no way 3 trees block line of sight
    Terrain and Movement - agree
    Reforms - disagree
    PD - agree
    Bound spells - As above. have you confused the two differnt abilities?
    Buildings - This is something that can be done before a game. I can see a mechanic trying to limit capacity being very clunky
    Magic items - Some of the book items need addressing more. eg all OnG ones need reduced, hellheart needs to be 60-75 points
    Steadfast - Why? its fine how it is
    Monsters and handlers - agree. Further to this characters and mounts need to be looked at eg characters on a chariot.
    Random Game length - like back in the old days of 5th?

    In addition, I think unstable needs looked at. Unstable units should be able to benifit from the steadfast rule. My suggestion is if an unstable unit is steadfast, then you take the leadership value off the crumble result.
    Another one would be you can only use 2 dice above what your casting level is to cast a spell. ie a level 2 could only use 4 dice max.

    1. Spoken like a man who plays O&G, TKs and two Level 4s!!!!!

      Maybe it is innate ability I'm confusing. Yes if you want to six dice monkey the CoS bound spell there should be a downside

      Looking at your responses, I read:

      Terrain and LOS - No restricts TKs
      Terrain and Movement - Yes, doesn't impact TKs
      Reforms - No, I want to do Fanatic tricks
      PD - Ok, doesn't impact me
      Bound spells - As long as it's not inate
      Magic items - Some of the book items need addressing e.g O&G down, the Hellheart that hurts my two Lvl 4s up
      Monsters and handlers - agree. Further to this characters and mounts need to be looked at eg characters on a chariot - I use TKs
      Unstable get Steadfast - I use TKs
      Casting Dice Limited to Level + 2 - I use two Lvl 4s in both my armies.

    2. Lol I used two level 4's in one tournament and looks like it will be held against me for the rest of my life! =P I'm sure I remember someone running a dual Grey Seer list once upon a time....

      I do like how you characterise it all with my armies in mind. One could do the same with your skaven and Ogres.

      I dont think you can do any fanatic tricks with reforms as far as I'm aware. Its movement, therefore the 8" rule triggers. Hand of Gork shenaigans however...

      With bound spells I'm simply pointing out the current rules which I think you may have mixed up, (or maybe I did, dont have a rule book handy). I never said if I agreed or disagreed with your sentiments =).

  5. Perfect. This basically addresses all my complaints about this addition, as I've only recently been able to accept the super spells (mostly because I don't play alot, so I feel like I've finally been able to adapt some means for mitigating them).

    Very nice!

  6. Regarding buildings, I like the idea of a capacity limit, as Pete noted.

    I think that if a unit exceeded that capacity, it is assumed to form up outside the building; some might be inside, but the unit has spilled out and is in formation outside. Remove the building and simply leave the unit in place. None of the building rules apply, as the unit has enough troops outside to maintain a conventional battle line. When the unit moves, the building is placed back on the table.

    This might have LOS issues, but I think it's less clunky than simply having large units have to navigate around buildings as though they were impassable terrain.