Saturday, June 9, 2012

Chaos Dwarfs FAQ

A new FAQ for the Forgeworld Chaos Dwarfs list can be found here

It removes the -1 to hit the Kadai Destroyer but makes your opponent re-roll successful wounds.

My view is this probably makes it stronger overall


  1. Good, a much simpler ruling imo. Does make it much harder to kill, but that said, its still one mounted character with a 2+ flaming ward away from doing nothing for a whole game.

  2. And it still doesn't effect poison..

    Unless my math is incorrect, the change makes it less resilient against low strength and very high strength attacks (not by much, but anything is a help), while making it more resilient against s5,6,7 attacks.

    Overall it doesn't really effect the things that the k'daii is really worried about (stone throwers/cannons, poison) and only effects high strength combat units (without magical attacks), which is probably where it wanted to be anyway.

    Bit of a wash to me, but at least it's now in line with every other unit in the game.

  3. It certainly changes the damage curve on it. Now low strength can hurt it, however it will now also receive less damage from mid-high strength.
    A positive change overall imo

    Now only if GW proper would respond to the community as quickly....

    1. Of course you think it's use 90 Str 3 archers!

    2. 80 Pete, 80...
      And you can hardly call them broken Mr double Ironblaster Mournfang spam man =P

    3. I did the math. I need to fire 1296 shots at the Ka'daai to kill it on average.... or 17 turns of shooting...

    4. Or 7 shots if you are lucky...whereas before it was infinity :-)