Monday, June 11, 2012

Fields of Blood Mission Pack & FAQs

You can download the "Fields of Blood" Mission Pack here


Mission One – Kill The Fast Ones
·         Squadrons count as three Kill Points for the unit
      Gate of Infinity: Librarian = 3 KP, Unit he moves as normal
·         Roads and Bridges are not classed as Area Terrain for Burning/Smoking

Mission Two – Crushin’ It
Only a Scoring Unit can hold central objective
Snikrot and Wolf Scouts are not affected by "Straight Up the Middle"

Mission Three – Dying Of The Light
·         Night Fighting on Turn 1

Mission Four – Break Their Back
All non-vehicles (including jetbikes) count as "Dug-in" until they move.
Scouting moves count as moving

Mission Five – What Was That?

Mission Six – Ain’t That The Truth
·         KP decision after opponent tells you whether combined squad (IG) or combat squad (SM)
·         Roads and Bridges are not classed as Area Terrain for Burning/Smoking

Special Missions
If by any chance you arrive at the table and you are unable to choose an achievable Special Mission then inform Umpire. He will give you a Special Mission that can be achieved.

Not One Step Back - A unit must be in the building/ruin and that building ruin may not contain an objective for you to achieve Special Mission


  1. Question: Is Tabling > Victory Points?

    e.g. A Tyranid player tables his Grey Knight opponent (unlikely I know) and gains say, 11 victory points. During the course of the game, the GK player kills 4 spawned termagant units for 12 points. Does the GK player win?

    1. If you table your opponent you win the game.

  2. forgot to mention in the above post, I'm looking specifically at mission 4 - Break their Back here, but the question stands for all missions

  3. For the missions where terrain blocks line of sight and guys can only see in/shoot out 2"
    Does that mean my dreadnought can sit in terrain 2.5" in and shoot as the shooting is measured from the gun, but shooting it must be measured to the hull?
    Therefore i can shoot but can't be shot.

  4. Guys,

    Can you please send your questions to as requested.