Friday, June 8, 2012

Race for 2012 Fantasy Masters

For those that are interested – and yes, I know it isn’t everyone – below are the Fantasy RHQ rankings with the events that will fall out before 31 October, stripped out. So the points that are listed will remain and this represents the Top 12 ranked players based on 2012 results.

There are a number of people who have only played two 2012 events so you can expect these rankings to change if they attend additional events. However it is clear that a score over 200 is going to be required to ensure qualification (top eleven ranked plus last year's Master - Antony Kitson).

By my reckoning there are still the following events occurring prior to the 31 October cutoff:
  • Canopener (June) – Auckland
  • Tin Soldier (July) – Auckland 
  • Call to Arms (August) – Wellington
  • Unnamed Event (September) - Tauranga
  • Guardcon (September) – Auckland 
  • Skitterleap (October) – Wellington 
  • Arch-Enemy (October) – Auckland
  • Conquest (October) – Christchurch


  1. Cool. Are they in Welly this year Pete?

  2. Plenty of time for me to make a comeback!

  3. Considering I'm rolling out the Beastmen, it'll be a miracle if I qualify. An even bigger miracle would be the Missus OK'ing it if it's in Wellington. Still, we can dream eh?



  4. Better get to a few more, just in case.

  5. I should have attended one more event ;)

  6. Yep Andy, then we'd have to have you back :-)