Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Collated Rumours - Codex: Chaos Space Marines

So below are the current "Chaos Codex" rumours from Heresy Online. To me they look like more a wishlist than what I would expect. If they do come to fruition, I'd be very happy:

Legion Specifics

World Eaters (Khorne)

Marked Dreads
Daemon Engines
Khornate characters can nullify psychic abilities aimed at them
Get Bolters
Has to engage in some kind of combat every turn or suffer a random d6 penalty result
Can only have 1 Havoc squad, can take more by "trading in" something else
Having a Khorne Daemon Prince means no Scouts
"Gladiator Themed Unit" Must keep killing in order to stop a timer in their heads from killing them, might be related to the d6 penalty mentioned above

Word Bearers (Chaos Undivided)

Dark Apostles can be split off as squad leaders
Daemonancer (Unit champion)
Summoning Daemons from the Warp, allowed re-rolls to scatter and new mishap chart
Can take Marked units but with restrictions
Turn 1 Daemon Summoning
Can only have 1 Heavy Support choice but get other bonuses to offset this
Possessed as Troops

Nightlords (Chaos Undivided)

Hit & Run
Counter Attack (For Elite Units)
Jump Pack
Can only have 1 Heavy Support choice but get other bonuses to offset this
Raptors are Night Lords

Emperor's Children (Slaanesh)

Lash changed to be more like Daemon version
More heavy weapons for larger units
Better bikes
Counter Charge
Higher Initiative
Chosen will be faster
d6 result said to be very harsh
Soul Shieldsman Unit, possibly an upgrade for Veterans
Sonic weaponry

Deathguard (Nurgle)

Feel No Pain and Blight Grenades for Terminators
Poisoned attacks ignore Armour Saves on a roll of a 6
Nurgle Flamers can be made poisoned 3+ or 2+ (possibly through a special character).
Plague Knives for Chosen/Possessed Poison 4+ Ignores Armour on 6s
Stoic special rule: Can't do sweeping advances

Iron Warriors (Chaos Undivided)

Terminators have access to Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield
Iron-Fire Cannon (Thunder Fire Cannon)
Chaos Marine squads may take an additional heavy weapon once past 10 models
Siege Specialists: Tank Hunters and reduce Cover Saves on enemy units

Thousand Sons (Tzeentch)

New Psychic Powers, one of which can remove an entire squad on a failed stat test
Mindless, need command figure or suffer a d6 result to guide their actions
Sorcerers get something similar to a Psychic Hood but called something else
Higher strength/lower Ap weapons
Ap3 Bolters

Alpha Legion (Chaos Undivided)

Infiltrate upgrade for much of army
Temporary control of enemy squads/vehicles
Might be able to re-roll scenario
Greatest access to Imperial style vehicles
May force enemies to take Ld tests before they move or shoot

Black Legion (Chaos Undivided)
HQs allow broader access to all unit types, but lack of better universal special rule
Greatest selection of units/vehicles
All terminator army

All Book Specific

-Choice of HQ affects what types of units/marks available to your army
-CSM Retain Bolter, Bolt Pistol & Close Combat weapon
-New Heavy weapons, no Plasma Cannon
-Chaos units have built in negatives depending on God
-Rules for Traitor Guard
-Certain Named Characters grant various USR and other special rules to Cultists when selected.
-Chaos units that kill a unit get to roll on a chart for gifts from a chaos lord very similar to the power from pain rule that Phil gave to DE.


2-for-1 HQ choices that can be split off, similar to Haemonculi, Priests and Wolf Guard


-Cult dedicated lists only

Cult Marines
-All cult marines are Elites
-Special Characters unlock Cult Marines as troops (Kharn for Berserkers and so on)

Chaos Dreadnought
-Rules overhaul
-Remade into plastic
-No longer random
-Can take Marks
-Can't be Venerable
-Chainfist, Thunder Hammer, Power Scourge
-Said to be one in the 6E starter set

-New Upgrades

-More upgrade options
-Jump Packs
-Terminator Armour
-All types of Combi-Weapons
-Twin Lightning Claws
-Certain HQ choices may be able to take a Chosen squad as retinue

Legion Specific Mounts
Disc mounted Rubrics
Beast mounted Plague Marines
Seekers mounted Noise Marines
Brazen Knights
-Skull Champions riding on Juggernauts
-May be Apocalypse formation yet to be released


Chaos Space Marines

-Said to be in starter set
-Typhus makes Cultists into Zombies, gain FNP and Fearless
-Can be taken in groups of 30+

Scout Unit
-Not available to World Eaters

God specific Daemons
-Same as Daemons codex but slight points adjustments to reflect the ability to summon them and 6E changes
-Lesser and Greater Demons are gone

Rubric Marines (Thousand Sons)
-New psychic powers instead of weapon options
-More upgrades for unit and Sorcerer

Dedicated Transports
-3 Hull Points

Fast Attack

Assault Marines
-Can be marked
-Berserkers with jump packs

Locust (No FOC slot rumour, put in FA for the time being)
-Small, fast, single seater Chaos Flyer which features heavily in the Sabbat World's Crusade
-Chaos equivalent of an Imperial Lightning.

-Model done and part of initial release

-Larger packs and able to take Marks
-Replaced by "Fell Beasts"

-Remade into plastic
-Night Lords only

-Nurgle Bikes, have Stoic rule so may not perform sweeping advances (Wouldn't this make them T6? Now that'd be annoying to kill)
-Attack Bikes or similar may be included

-Something "sort of" like a Landspeeder may be available

Heavy Support

-Different versions for Legions and Marks

-Maximum unit size increased to 4
-May take none energy-based weapons
-Remade in Plastic or Finecast
-Options will be even more expansive with close combat load out available

Daemon Engines
-3 per FOC slot
-Might be a Tzeentchian one

-New Legion specific LR with higher transport capacity (possibly 15)
-Described as a "warped version of one of the Imperial versions"
-Version of Power of the Machine Spirit
-4 Hull Points

-Marked Legions

Monstrous Creature
-Not Greater Daemon but can have Marks
-Not all Legions can take one, Night Lords and Alpha Legion can not

-More weapon options similar to Razorbacks
-Twin Linked Plasmagun turret with single Plasmagun sponsons

"Thunderfire Cannon"
-Legions may have access to a Daemonic weapons platform comparable to the Thunderfire Cannon (Iron-fire Cannon mentioned in the Legions section?)

"Chaos Dreadknight"
-Chaos answer to GK Dreadknight

-4 Hull Points
-Daemon Forge: Roll a D6, on a 1 you lose a Hull Point. Ability allows for Reroll all To Wound and Armour Penetration rolls from Shooting

Special Characters

-Eternal Warrior

Argel Tal


The Soul Hunter

-Unit upgrade, presumably for a Bike squad



Horus Axiamand


"Red Angel"


Raptor Lord (Night Lords?)

Kharn the Betrayer
-Eternal Warrior
-4+ Inv save
-"His bloodshed knows no bounds"

-Psychic power that can't be stopped with Psychic Hood
-Level 4 Psyker
-Gives D3 units Infiltrate

-Eternal Warrior
-Makes Cultists into Zombies
-Unlocks Plague Marines as Troops

Lucius the Eternal
-Gets extra attacks from WS difference when in a Challenge

Slaanesh Dreadnought

Iron Warrior character with servo harness


  1. Any word on new dollies Pete?
    I'd be keen on starting an army if they bring out some Nurgle fellas

    1. Daemonancer model

      Iron Warriors character with huge servo harness

      Plastic Plaguebearers

      Plastic Plaguemarines

      Plastic Dreadnought

      Obliterators remade in finecast or plastic

      Plastic Raptors

      Plastic Chaos Drop Pod

      Plastic Locust
      -Chaos Flier

      New Plastic Chaos Bike kit (Rumoured Attack Bike?)

      Legion specific heads and shoulder sprue
      Power Armour and Terminator bits could be separate
      Cult terminators have been sighted, but could be conversion or above mentioned kit

      New Kharn the Betrayer
      "Bulkier and still ferocious in motion"

      Special Character box including:
      Horus Axiamand
      Unknown Raptor Lord (Night Lords?)
      Kharn the Betrayer
      Lucius the Eternal

  2. Considering that Aaron Dembski-Bowden has implied that Argel Tal doesn't survive the Heresy I highly doubt he will be in the Codex. Talos is highly unlikely as well since GW usually doesn't do book characters in the main game.

  3. Lol, looks like Dark General rumors. That guy is a known rumor fraud, not sure why people are still believing him.

    1. I agree, it looks like a wishlist.

      Personally it's what most of the hardcore Legion players want yet it flies in the face of what GW have been doing for the last 6-7 years.

      We can only hope that GW surprise - and in a good way