Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Skitterleap 2012 - Mark Your Diaries

An early heads-up for Skitterleap to be held here in Wellington on 27th/28th October.

Where:              Cashmere Ave School, Khandallah, Wellington

TO:                    Pete Dunn

Umpire:             Pete Dunn

Points:               2400

Rounds:             Five (3 Saturday, 2 Sunday)

Composition:     Hard Caps – SCGT v2.1 - modified as below (Spell Restrictions)

Scenarios:          Rulebook less Battle for the Pass

Cost:                  $30 before 31 July, $40 from 1 August

Contact:             pete@thefieldsofblood.com

For those interested, this will be the last event before the cut-off for the 2012 Masters invitations
A Players' Pack will be available this weekend.
“SCGT Comp” v2.1 (Modified) 

The aim of this composition system has only ever been to “take the edge” off of armies and stop some games becoming non-events due to selections by either player. As with all systems the system is not perfect but has had the bonus of being play tested over the biggest tournaments on the circuit over the last 18 months and tweaked accordingly.

General Restrictions


Apart from Winds of Magic dice an army may only add 2 Power Dice or Dispel Dice to its magic dice pool in each magic phase (apart from the exceptions below and dice generated through channelling).

 Any dice added to the pool, regardless of source (generated, stolen, stored from previous magic phases, generated by magic items/abilities to boost spellcasting before or after the casting attempt, produced by spells, lore abilities, and so on) count. Excess dice are simply discarded and cannot be used in any way (i.e. - they can’t be stored). If a dice is stolen from the opponent’s pool, but your army has already generated two extra dice, the dice is removed from the opponent’s pool and then discarded. Any additional dice are lost and cannot be used. The controlling player chooses which dice are discarded if there is a need to distinguish.

 Dice generated from being in proximity to a “Shard of the Herdstone” do not count as a “power dice” for the purpose of the dice limit.

 Items that add “D3” power dice are allowed to exceed the dice limit and add the additional dice should the result of the dice roll grant three extra dice.

 Night Goblin Mushroom D6 do not count as "power dice" as per their Army book.

 Dark Elves may only use a max of 6 dice to cast a spell the same as everyone else. This overrides the rule in their book.


Non warmachine shooting is limited to 90 shots per army - count the number of shots, not models. So for example Dark Elf Warriors with repeater crossbows count as 2 shots. Ranked (non-skirmisher) infantry with missile weapons with a range of 12" or less are excluded from this restriction. (see note (1) for additional clarification)

An army may not include more than 2 warmachines of the same type and no more than 5 in an army.

No single non character unit in the army may be over 450 points

The magic item “Fozzrik’s Folding Fortress” may not be taken.

Characters affected by the following spells that would instantly remove them from the table are allowed to take a look out sir roll against the effects, providing they would normally be allowed one (i.e from being part of a unit): The Dwellers Below, Final Transmutation, Dreaded 13th and Infernal Gateway. This does not apply if you are a lone character outside of a unit.


(1)Any model with a fixed maximum amount of shots (read: shooting attacks) counts that maximum towards the shot cap (i.e blowpipes = 2, RXB = 2, lifetaker = 3) but those with a random/variable number (treeman, razordon, Hail of doom arrow, flamers, etc) count as 1, excluding any ranked (non-skirmisher) infantry with missile weapons with a range of 12” or less from this as per this rulespack.

(2)Units with that utilise a ranged template or attack (such salamanders) count as 1 shot. Units with the Breath weapon special rule do not count as a “shot”.

(3)Do not count the possibility of Tomb Kings being able to fire twice against this shot limit. For example a Skeleton Bowmen counts as 1 shot, despite the possibly that with magic he could fire twice.

Race Specific Restrictions:


*Salamanders 0 – 3 models per army.
*Higher State of Consciousness and the Crown of Command may not be taken on the same model.
*Skink Cohorts are 0 – 3 units per army. Cohorts containing Kroxigor do not count towards the cap.
*Only two of the following may be taken per army – Beclaming Cognitation, Cube of Darkness, Dispel Scroll, Cupped Hands.

Vampire Counts

*Max 3 units/characters with the Ethereal special rule


*Hell Pit Abominations and Warp Lighting Cannons are 0-1 unit selection per army.
*A Screaming Bell or Plague Furnace may only be placed in a unit containing no more than 50 models.
*Gutter Runners units are 0 – 2 per army.
*Warlock Engineers are 0 – 3 models per army.
*Skaven Slaves units may only be a maximum of 50 models per unit.

Dark Elves

*The Pendant of Kaleth and the Crown of Command may not be taken on the same model.
*Hydras 0 – 1 unit selections per army.
*Max 3 units with the ‘fly’ special rule


*Steam Tanks are 0 – 1 models per army

Warriors of Chaos

*No further restrictions

Daemons of Chaos

*Flamers of Tzeentch 0 – 6 models per army.
*Daemons of Chaos infantry units may only be a maximum of 400 points per unit
*Max 3 units with the ‘fly’ special rule

Tomb Kings

*No further restrictions
*Only Skeleton Bowmen count towards the shot cap, all other “shots” in the army are excluded when calculating the army’s total “shots”
*If Queen Khalida is taken the maximum Skeleton Bowmen in any one unit is 50 models

High Elves

*No further restrictions
*High Elves may take units of up to 550 points, overriding the 450 point restriction given above
*High Elf armies may ignore the “same type” warmachine restriction
*Teclis may not be taken in army at this event
*Dragon Mage's additional dice do not count towards the '+2 cap' Winds of Magic dice restriction. They are effectively 'free'.


*A maximum of 2 out of the 3 following items may be taken in the army: Greedy Fist, Lore of Death and Hellheart
*If the Hellheart is taken then a Dispel Scroll may not be taken in the army
*If a second Ironblaster is taken, Mornfang Units become a 0-2 unit selection per army


*No further restrictions

Wood Elves

*No further restrictions

Orcs & Goblins

*No further restrictions
*Goblin Bolt Throwers do not count when working out your 5 maximum warmachine allowance


*Beastmen armies may take units of up to 550 points, overriding the 450 point restriction given above

Chaos Dwarfs (Forgeworld list will be used)

*No further restrictions


*No further restrictions


  1. SCGT comp? Must find a way to attend! Very keen to bring the Beastmen under these restrictions. Only tiny complaint is 5 games, but that's not an issue at all. Well done Pete, for me, this is the most appealing Tournament in NZ so far.

    1. Five games is to allow out of towners to get home at reasonable hour and to allow me to move tables.

    2. I use the SCGT pack as it best fits my philosophy re the game AND because I don't write it (so can't be charged with bias). I like it all bar their lack of scenarios and spell restrictions.

      Masters 2012 will be using latest edition of SCGT

    3. I don't know Pete - five games feels slightly underdone. My flight out of town for the Horned Rat was at 22:15...Wargames are more important than sleep! Plus it's cheaper getting the later flight anyway.

    4. Well, you've removed my least favourite scenario, which is a plus. First impressions on removal of spell restrictions was worry, but then I thought about it for 2 seconds, remembered your reasons for removing it and I think it's a good move. People will be a lot less inclined to put say, 6 Ogre Characters in a giant unit if they could very realistically be Dwellers'd, and that's a good thing for the game I feel.

    5. Rory,

      Mix of Flyers and drivers. If we are out of the hall by 4pm then most can be home by 7pm or 8pm.

      Also stops Sam having even worse Day 2s :-)


    6. Ross,

      I removed Battle for the Pass because I'm anti-Dwarf. Or at least that's what the Stunty-philes tell me!

      I'm not sure where they get that idea. Dwarfs are to Warhammer what the England International Soccer team is to Football.


    7. I thought you Kiwis loved draws in Football?!

    8. Thanks Pete, my day two's are getting better...slowly

    9. Some of us fly out at 4pm. 5 games works well. Now to justify two out of town events in the same month...

    10. @ Tim...whats the hurry to rush back to Invercargill...nothing happens there anyway.

    11. He doesn't want to miss Evolution!

  2. Other half says yes! Will some recommendations for Accommodation be going up at any point?

    1. Google Maps is your friend. However you can stay practically anywhere, bus stop outside, train station 5 mins away. Also likely to get an easy lift.

  3. Replies
    1. Pretty much the same as Call to Arms - that was previous SCGT pack

  4. When is the pack and stuff available for Call to Arms?

    1. It's been out for a couple of months....up on www.warlords.org.nz

  5. Count me in Pete see you there - now what do I bring High Elves, Dwarfs or could I get my Ogres ready in time?

    1. Play Dwarfs John, just in case I can't make it to the tournament in order to challenge Pete to a rematch.

      - Adam Richards

  6. Nice pack ,but i think OG should be able to take a max of 500pts units if HE can take 550

  7. Pete, are you allowing SCs??? in NZ?? madness....

    1. Yeah. We're still not sure about allowing you.

    2. pfft, I didn't wanna come anyway...

    3. I'm pretty sure there's a warmachine tournament that weekend you can attend!

    4. Oh cool, might look into it, cheers Pete! Nothing like a weekend of whine-free wargaming ;)

    5. Remember to pack your wheel-barrow.....and you'll probably need a book for between games

    6. Thats cause all the whiners go off to their war machine games and leave us to enjoy our weekend! To easy =)

  8. Poor old Teclis - nobody loves him. The only Super-Hero who has to be somewhere else.
    Was it Tom who twisted your arm so he could play with the Masque?


    1. Tom begged for 2500 points so he could have Kairos Fateweaver

  9. Is this the next tournament that will be held in Wellington?