Tuesday, June 12, 2012


No games for me over the weekend but plenty of Hobbytime while I watched Euro 2012.

Besides deciding that England make Greece look like Barcelona, I worked out that two layers of flesh is all my 90 Zombies are going to get. I will basecoat the rags they are wearing, teeth and wounds but that will be their lot. Then the standard wash of Devlan Mud or Agrax Earthshade. My current batch of 90 will be split into three blocks of 30 to preserve my sanity.

I finished the Mortis Engine. Previously the spectral effect was far too blue. That has been toned down with 3-4 layers of grey to white. Hopefully it will look a lot more ghostly and a lot less smurfy. The five hexwraiths will get the same treatment after the Zombies are done.

Finally I sat down with my box of Ogre bits and put together seven more Ironguts and seven more Bulls. I have about 5500 points of Ogres but less than 1000 points of Core. These extras will allow me to games up to 6000 points. Previously I have used the Ogres in a 4000 point tournie but that was back in 7th Edition where it was slots rather than percentages. I'm keen to run a big game later in the year. Now I have to whisper sweetly in Charlie's ear to see whether I can convince him to paint them.

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