Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Puppies Will Be Kicked!

The very strong word on the street is that the upcoming Codex:Chaos Space Marines will not contain Chaos Legions.

You may be surprised to know that this makes Petey a very sad boy.

Plague Marines can be taken as Troops but only if you take Typhus - how exhilerating!

The anti-GK bandwagon stops here with the new "Suffer the Witch" Psychic Power. Choo choo, all aboard


  1. Augh! I was so hopeful. Oh well, Sisters of Battle are still good, right?

    1. 6th Edition is going to be a real easy decision for me.

      1. Read new Codex: Chaos Space Marines
      2a. Herald bright new dawn; or
      2b. Vomit
      3. If 2a. then play 6th. If 2b. put 6th Ed rulebook on shelf and wait for next Codex: CSM