Friday, July 19, 2013

CTA WHFB Entries

EDIT: There has been one drop out today so the event is back to odd numbers. Great opportunity now for someone wanting to register.

This week we have had two further entries for CTA (Nic Jebson and Ryan Lister) which takes entries to 24.

From here the Warlords have advised that entries will be accepted only to maintain even numbers. That means you can still register but it will require a drop out or another registration to confirm entry.

Also lists are due in by this Sunday so get your list in early to avoid list penalties. James will be checking the lists over the next week with a view to publishing them next weekend. That means that if you are a late registration - not one of the current 24 - you'll have the opportunity to submit your list without penalty up to next Friday.


  1. That's the plan, Pete.

    I've already got about a third of the lists so thank you to the earlybirds.


    1. Sam W has told us three times he has sent his.. I think he's excited..