Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hobby Update

The last few weeks have seen some hobby action.

Key amongst this was completion of the Clanrat unit that I posted pictures of recently. I have purchased a Spinetail model to drop into the unit as a Champion for challenges.

Last week Slave to Painting had a sale and I took the opportunity to buy five of the Secret Weapon Miniatures Washes that I had heard good things about. As is the case with STP these arrived within 48 hours and I have been playing around with Sewer Water, Baby Poop, Black Armour, Concrete and Drying Blood. So far I've been very impressed. They are different colours to the standard GW washes and give good coverage. Expect to see more comments as they get further use.

The Adepticon dates have been confirmed as 3-6 April and so I have booked my hotel room at the venue for the event. Looking through this year's schedule I'm keen to play three of the four Fantasy events and the Heresy tournament. My thinking with this last one is that knowing that I have it coming up will give me the impetus to finish my Death Guard.

To this end I broke out the models I've got in the cupboard - two DG Contemptors and an apothecary. I have cleaned and assembled these and also ordered myself a Praetor set, contemptor weapons for second dread and more shoulder pads. Once these arrive I intend to spend the next month or so painting these. My thinking is that with the LTS and the Deathshroud, I will only need to paint a second LTS and that will give me over 1000 points of the 1500 points I need. From there I'll work on firming up a list and sprinkling some toys into it. Keen to keep it as largely infantry/walker force.

Tournament wise I have Panzershreck in less than two weeks, followed by Call to Arms a fortnight later.

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  1. Looking forward to hearing about your Adepticon prep and experiences! It's always looked like a wicked event.