Monday, July 22, 2013

Panzershreck WHFB Results

Panzershreck was held over the weekend and this year included WHFB for the first time.

It was a six round 2400 point tournament umpired by Jeff Kent and it used the Swedish Comp system.

Here are the results:

Best Sport and Best Painted went to Charlie Lloyd. Charlie has a lovely Dark Elf army that uses some of the Raging Heroes figures.

Congratulations to everyone...especially Peter Williamson who schooled everyone.

A big thanks to Jeff and the Manawatu club for all their efforts.


  1. great tournament all round, and a big thanks to Jeff for running it. Man painting points really hurt... 3rd on battle points to 7th overall! That'll teach me for being lazy lol! :)

  2. Actually Caleb, one of my usual playing buddies was 3rd on BP with 72. Manawatu Represent!

  3. So HE have won 2 events, WOC have only won one, and they've been out less than half as long. Conclusion - HE are twice as bent as WOC. My logic is pretty sound I think.

    Congrats to the Pete's and Mike, and this Charlie Lloyd chap who is clearly a hobby hero.



    1. Or was it just that All 3 armies contained Dragons, Sun, Moon and Chaos. Clearly dragons are just broken. You need one in order to win with those armies.

      You can keep your Daemon Princes

    2. Peter....You will always be my "Mother of Dragons"