Monday, July 22, 2013

FOB WHFB Rankings Updated - Panzershreck

Panzershreck has been run and won and the rankings have been updated to reflect the results.

A new boy has burst into the Top 10 in a blaze of glory and I'm sure that all neutrals will be backing this underdog in his further efforts this year. It is great to see someone come from nowhere and shakeup the established order!!!! And he's doing it with two different armies. What a champ!

Mike King improves his ranking while with his win Peter Williamson moves into the Top 20 and has two further events to improve in his Masters push.

In icon news Sam Whitt gets the Changeling after giving Tomb Kings a run at Panzershreck.

The need for 225-230 points to assure qualification is looking more and more concrete.

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