Friday, July 19, 2013

Panzershreck This Weekend

This weekend I'm off to play at Panzershreck in Palmerston North. I'll be using my Daemons of Chaos, for the first time since they crashed and burned in the last round at NiCon.

My list has been modified to drop the Tzeencth Chariot and a Skullcannon for two units of ambushing Flesh Hounds. This is a concession to the Swedish Comp system being used but in all truth I suspect one unit would have made it in anyway.

In the first round I am playing Ryan Lister's Vampire Counts. He has gone with a Mannfred-led army centred around a bus of 9 Blood Knights with Flag of the Blood Keep. I suspect this is where his two other Vamps will go making it one god-awful bus. I must say I'm impressed that someone has bought 9 Blood Knight figures!

Tomorrow will be my first games since Horned Rat so I'm looking to use the weekend to work out some ring rust before Call to Arms in two weeks. The field looks really competitive and I can see a big group in contention for podiums.

With the Death Chicken "There Will Be Feathers".

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  1. Looking forward to the match up Pete - though I'm using Chaos Knights for the Blood Knights with strategically shaved off chaos symbols. It is quite possible the two mounted vampires may end up in there. Or they could hang with the dire wolves like some kind of evil dead kennel masters heh.