Wednesday, July 17, 2013

ETC Fantasy Lists Released

For those that are interested the ETC lists for WHFB have been released and are here

I wish Team New Zealand well at the event. Looking at the lists it appears they have taken a few off-the-wall selections that are either inspired or will crash and burn (e.g. unit of 19 Black Orcs).


  1. Whats interesting for me are the High Elf lists. They seem to be split into three groups. The large majority are taking 2 x Level 4's with Death & High Magic. A smaller group is going with a a Loremaster + L4. Then theres the mobile character bus lists with SH & DP's with multiple mounted characters. Reavers and multiple RBTs also seem to be the go and there aren't a lot of Frost/Flame Phoenix's either. There is one guy from Aussie whose taking a L4 with Dragon, Dragon Mage, and Frostheart which is pretty cool, and another with two blocks of White Lions. Still surprised by how many points they seem to be sinking into characters though. That and 2 x L4's just doesnt work as you couldnt generate enough power dice for both of them.

    Dwarf lists are pretty bog standard but with more characters and fewer troops on the ground in many lists.

    Ogres are all bog standard as well - multiple units of Mournfang, Maneaters and the L4 SM with Death + Butcher combo.

    1. The big thing to consider when looking at lists is:

      1) Systematic Line of Sight - so you can hide large targets behind hills

      2) Limits on Magic - Death Shadow limited to 4 dice per spell

      There is an awful lot of points denial in the lists overall. Expect to see a lot deployed behind hills

    2. John there is a player for Team Denmark who is running 3 White Lion blocks :)

      Though I agree definitely 3 different ideas about how to run a High Elf list at the ETC.

      But the difference are i think a result of how new the book is, the purpose of the list for the team and also the ETC comp being used.

      But Pete is correct, generally most lists are about points denial.

    3. Oh Ok I had forgotten that ETC tends to rewrite the rules and doesnt like to play 8th Ed that much

  2. snooze is as if the only Empire build is waralter+lvl4 light + as many lvl1's of light that you can fit + BSB.

    So I guess the plan is hope like crazy something worth points is "visible" and throw 2 banishments at it while everything else hugs the baseline.

    Though it is nice to see that some brave souls have put boyz before toyz and branched in Grand Templar Masters and the like.

    And disappointment on the Woodie front. I thought the obvious build was 3xGlade riders, 3xscouts Max Gladeguard, 3xWarhawk riders, 2xwaywatchers and eagle riding characters. MCHammer list...out skink the skinks and all that.

    Joel v