Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Panzershreck Lists

Here are the lists for Panzershreck.

This is the first NZ event to use the Swedish Comp system.

The event is one and a half weeks away. Early next week I'll give you my thoughts on the various lists.


  1. My list is a 9. Equal hardest list at the event. Man I am such a power gamer.....

    1. No James. No it's not.

      Just means goalposts are moved 3 foot to the right

    2. Which is very helpful for those of us who can't get rid of that damn fade!

      To be honest though, the shifting of goal posts means little to me. Its the pain in the ass, it turns list building into that really does it...

    3. It amazes me how this Swedish shit scores that TK list as a strong one. Understrength Necro Knights, a War kitty! no Colossus, no horse archers and only a single casket? Yeah the Swedish chef was touched in bad places by TK I bet.

      Bullshit comp! How about them goalpost? need more shifting eh...

  2. My list is equal softest, because Skaven are underpowered!

  3. I have the fluffiest Empire list! Though the other Empire lists look awfully tough given the score they have...

    Joel v