Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New Nurgle Daemon Prince/Great Unclean One

I've been looking out for a suitable figure to use as a Daemon Prince for a Warriors of Chaos army and stumbled across this model on eBay.

It is produced by a Polish company "Kromlech" and currently can only be purchased via eBay. They call it a Rotten Butcher (Daemon of Plague) and it tipped the scale at USD52.99

Postage from Poland was only USD7.00 and it arrived in less than a week.

The model stands 4" tall from top of head to soles of hooves. It is a five part resin model and the casting is very clean and the pieces fit together extremely easily. There is minimal cleanup and it looks like any filling required will also be minimal.

Here are some photos of the resin pieces I received:

I am very happy with the figure an intend to use it both as a Nurgle DP and also as a Great Unclean One.

Once it is painted I'll post pictures.

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