Tuesday, July 16, 2013

NZ Masters Round-up - Fantasy

Just looking at the current Rankings for Fantasy, it looks like a score of 225+ will be required to ensure that you get an automatic invitation to the Masters - that is be ranked in the Top 11.

Most of the current Top 10 have three 2013 season results which means that their ranking score can only improve. Certainly 9 of the Top 11 will score at least 218 points come 31 October.

So if you are aiming for the Masters you'll need to attend events to get that score above 225.

Coming up we have:

Panzershreck (closed) - Palmerston North
Call to Arms - Wellington
Warpfire - Wellington
NerdyCon - Auckland
Tauranga Open - Tauranga
CavCon - Christchurch
Skitterleap - Wellington


  1. You forget Guardcon in Auckland

  2. So if I won Warpfire and Skitterleap could I leap into Masters contention?? Is there a wildcard entry for you know best player in the lower half of the field

  3. Sad I wont be able to make it the masters this year, though its nice to think i would have made it in on rankings and not a wild card this year, I have just moved to the UK all the best chaps!

    Ryan S.