Friday, July 5, 2013

The Race for the Masters - Fantasy

Thought it was worth looking at this year's race for the Masters given we are two-thirds of the way through the tournament season.

Tom Dunn - 2012 winner and automatic qualifier. Hasn't played a singles event since the Masters as he hibernates in a uni hostel.

Tim Joss - currently #1 and is absolute certainty to qualify. Worse case score sees him finish on 255 points. He is away at the ETC but has banked points early to qualify.

Dan Butler - the big man broke his duck at Nicon, unfortunately no ranking points were up for grabs. Worst case he'll finish on his current score. Certainty.

Sam Whitt - also has banked points early and the worse he can score is 237. Will make the Masters and is building WoC so he can join three quarters of the field at this year's event.

Ross Hillier-Jones - looking shaky. Needs one, possibly two good results to ensure his place at this year's event. Has sold his current WoC army to build a harder one.

Mal Patel - has 230 points locked in which will be enough to get him a dance. May snag a southern event to improve his score nearer the cutoff.

James Brown - score drops to 205 when 2012 events drop out. James will, even now, be scouring forums looking for events in small provincial towns. So if you are a gamer in Te Kuiti, Opotiki or the like expect to see him on your doorstep soon.

Joel van de Ven-Long - will drop to 210 when non-2013 events drop out. I suspect this will be the benchmark and he'll scrape in.

Wil Hoverd - needs one more result to replace last year's Skitterleap. Pretty sure he'll get it and hold onto the Ogre icon he has made his own.

Thomas van Roekel - worst score he can get is his current 218 and change. History says that he'll qualify with that but is out of the country so it will be purely academic. Still three years qualification in a row is great effort.

Locky Reid - needs one more result so expect to see the weekend away in Christchurch at Labour Weekend.

Jeff Kent - worst he can get is 206 but this may not be enough. Obviously is mighty concerned as he has spent a student's yearly allowance on buying a WoC army to give him the edge that 150 shots fail to do. Unfortunately for Jeff it may be all in vain and he'll have to content himself with "Miss Congeniality" and the newest Taylor Swift album.

Below these worthies, a school of sharks circle and with at least 10 events still to play out there is ample time for blood in the water.


  1. Unfortunately, I can put a face to every contender for the title.

  2. Here's a shameless plug for the Tauranga Open - 7th/8th September. I expect to see all of you Masters hunters here clawing for points.
    - Blair