Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July White Dwarf Observations

My July White Dwarf arrived yesterday. As expected it is almost totally devoted to Apocalypse....so not much in there for the Fantasy or Heresy gamer.

The Khorne Lord of Battle is on the front cover. I'm not enamoured by the model though I concede that it is close to the old Epic model. To me it just looks like military technology hasn't advanced too much in the next 38,000 years. The profile of the model seems wrong for a tracked model.

However what really amuses me is some of the detail on the model. Why, why, why are there Jugger heads adorning the vats on the back of the model?

They just seem so out of place.

However, there is absolutely nothing to fault with the Necron Tesseract Vault. What a spectacular model!

If you haven't seen it go to the GW site and have a look at the 360 degree view of it. It is phenomenal. This model would almost get me to play Apocalypse if I had a Necron army. From the Scarabs on the faces to the topdown view this is a piece of work.

There were also some Space Marine characters released for Apoc. Now I don't know what they do but I was surprised by what I suspect is the fragility of the sculpt. In both these two models I'd be very worried about breakage. I'd certainly hope Finecast is sturdier now than at release.

Both these look like an accident waiting to happen.

Finally we have the ultimate Xmas present for any Apoc gamer - The Siege of Angel's Redoubt

Two RoB gameboards plus assorted scenery kits, this purchase will set you back $2,565 NZD. Little Timmy will have to do a lot of yardwork for Santa to bring this come Xmas.

EDIT: If you want a more "cynical" look at the new Apocalypse releases you should listen to the Jaded Gamer Podcast episode entitled "Ribbons". They pick apart the new release and give such gems of info such as the number of exhausts the LoB has - 12 - and there take on the SM characters and how to fix the C'tan. It was very funny.


  1. With those new Space Marine models, what I don't get is the Master of the Rites... isn't that what a Chaplain is for?

    The Master of the Rites "... is charged with recording and preserving the martial traditions of the Chapter."

    Space Marine Chaplains "... are the spiritual leaders of the Chapter. They administer the rites, preserve the rituals and perform ancient ceremonies of Initiation, Vindication and Redemption that are as important to a Space Marine Chapter as its roll of honour and skill at arms"

    So a bit of crossover... I imagine there are some neat meetings at the Chapterhouse with HR over job descriptions and roles and responsibilities.

  2. I look at that price of the tabletop etc and get a little angry inside, but then the inner nerd reminds me how sexy it is.

  3. I preferred Jaded Gamercast's description of the movie 'Snow White and the Huntsman'. Something about sharpening a DVD of Twilight and repeatedly stabbing yourself somewhere innappropriate. I spat my tea all over some freshly washed models.