Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Warpfire Fantasy Tournament Players Pack - FOB's One Day Extravaganza

Warpfire is a five round 1000 point WHFB tournament to be held in Wellington on the 14th September.

Seerlord Morskitta envisaging the devastation he would cause at 1000 points.....and then thought he might have a lie-in instead,

You can download the Players Pack here

The event will use modified scenarios utilising a Win/Draw/Loss mechanism but with lots of additional Bonus and Objective Points. The Scenario Pack can be downloaded here

The usual Army List Template is available also.

This should be an excellent event and its focus is very much on the fun aspects of the hobby.

Get in quick as places will be limited.


  1. Looks awesome. Maybe Sam can rock the Tomb Kings again now that he's pro (at submarining) with them...gotta love the feigned flight on them...oh wait

    Joel v

  2. "Fun aspects of the hobby." eh. Not if I bring Dwarfs


  3. Those scenarios look really interesting. Good to try out something different.

  4. This looks really fun wonder If I can get a ticket up on one of them new-fangled gyrocopters?