Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fields of Blood Fantasy Update - Post Tin Soldier

Tin Soldier has been run and won in Auckland....and the rankings have been updated.

The event was won by Phil Wu (showing just how competitive the new High Elves can be). Ross Hillier-Jones was 2nd and jumped to #2 in the rankings on the back of the result. Both Ryan Simister and Richard Barby entered the Top 10.

In icon news, the Chaos Dwarf icon was regained by Richard while James Brown finally got the Ogre icon. Phil Wu now has custody of the High Elf mantle.

Tin Soldier showed that Warriors of Chaos continue to dominate the top echelon of tournament results being an all-singing, all-dancing repository of toys whether with or without comp.


  1. Going through the 40k rankings,Rhys Soppit and Rhys Sopphit are the same person. The Correct name is Rhys Soppit

  2. Is 40K been posted??