Sunday, July 28, 2013

Doomwheel - Classic Case of New Model Syndrome

There is a perpetual superstition among wargamers that a newly painted model never performs on its first outing. It's even got a name "New Model Syndrome".

And so it was yesterday as I took my new Doomwheel out for its first spin in a game against Mike's Lizards. We were playing Battle for the Pass and my 24" line had a building and two woods straddling it. This left very limited opportunities for placement of my Doomwheels. And so I took a chance and deployed in a wood.

Of course you all know what happened - "1" followed by a "6", then remove the model from play.

Things can only get better!

Straight off track and into a wall

Ripley the Cat never knew what hit her

The Doomwheel had picked up a stray goblin en route to the battle

Never ever expect a  newly painted model to perform! It's one of the truisms of wargaming.


  1. Does this mean I am screwed for my first game at C2A?

    1. Sam - we have the perfect excuse to submarine now. Unless we draw each other first up, then it will be a tard fight...

  2. Shouldn't the rat on top be facing the other direction? HI'd think staying on top while running forwards would be hard enough, backwards just seems downright impossibru.