Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Call to Arms - The Podium Contenders

Looking at the CTA lists I believe the event is very very open. I could list ten contenders for 1st and none would surprise me if they took it out. But tradition (and pride) doesn't allow me to pick ten people so I have narrowed it down to five.

Missing Warriors of Chaos

What will strike you immediately is that I have not included any Warriors of Chaos in my Top 5. Why? Well two of the Warriors (sam Whitt and Ryan Lister) are running their armies for the first time and although it is a blunt instrument I believe it will take awhile for them to have strategies/tactics tuned. Stu Robinson ran his WoC at Panzershreck but Rounds 5 and 6 were very brutal for Stu. I'm not sure the counselling he has had since then will be enough to see him over the line.

And Damon Quaid? Well he has the best WoC list but he is from the South Island and I can't therefore pick him and maintain any credibility. Sure if the planets align, Prince Harry officially acknowledges his father and/or the Warriors win the NRL, then maybe, just maybe.

No. 5 - Harry Dixon (Tomb Kings)

The observant amongst you will have noticed how much Harry's list has improved since the Horned Rat. Harry will also have shaken out the ring rust that comes with not playing for two years. Watch him, he's the smokie!

No. 4 - Hamish Gordon (Skaven)

Running his Horned Gobbo list where he threatened but ultimately failed to deliver at the last hurdle. A good list and with more experience Hamish should be driving this to a Top 5 finish. Gets the nod over Locky Reid who is currently more worried about his costume for some deviant orgy when there is a tournament on the horizon. Focus, Locky! Focus!

No. 3 - Joel Van de Ven-Long (Empire)

I pick him every time... and he let's me down. But just like people backed Michael Campbell to win a Major from 1995, I'm not getting off the horse now. Definitely one of the top two strongest lists on show, Joel really has no excuses.

No. 2 - Raymond Dick (Vampire Counts)

The list may not look breathtaking on paper but this list screams "SYNERGY". Raymond is a wily old campaigner and if people check out the FOB Honour Roll you'll see he pops up generally at least once a year on the podium. It hasn't happened in 2013.....yet.

No. 1 - Sam Campbell (Daemons of Chaos)

A Special Character, 12 under-pointed Beasts of Nurgle and two of the most broken thing in the game (hey, I read the internet) how can Sam fail not to win this event. No, seriously, how can he? A very very strong list with all the tools. If perchance Sam does fail to win then he should take off all his clothes, visit the mirror room and TAKE A LONG HARD LOOK AT HIMSELF. Seriously Sam, if you don't podium perhaps it's time to concede that this may not be the game for you. I understand Guardcon is offering 40k.

So there you go. Crazy Pete's Form Guide. Back those winners in.


  1. Totally agree with your picks here especially Sam's list, 12 beasts is redicilous especially with Epidemus hiding in the back somewhere in a bunker protected by 2 Skullcannons... Seems busted totally busted!

    But I've just ordered 12 Demigryphs so we'll see who's really bringing the Filth next time ;)

    Sudo Skullcrushers and cannons... what can go wrong! ahaha

  2. Maybe counselling is a good idea. As you pointed out those last two rounds were brutal. Round 5 vs Pete "the perfect storm" Dunn. A game that had to be seen to be believed. You are far too hard an opponent at the best of times, impossible when you are making 1 in 729 odds saving 6 of 6 ward saves in one throw. Fully admit the game was already won for you by that stage, but that was the final salt in the wound.

    By the time Sam Whitt got hold of me I was putty in his hands as my man flu befuddled brain struggled to put up any form of defence. He deserved the win nonetheless.

    Luckily I am so used to playing Beastmen armies that the disappoint of my failure washed away quickly, and a visit to the counsellor was not required. Unlike my man flu that still seems to be hanging around. No doubt that is my penance for playing Nurgle.

  3. Are there lists posted somewhere that I've missed?

  4. Thanks for the Pete Prediction of Death. Every event I'm getting better at shaking it off...Horned Rat I was only 1 point off the 3rd place tie...

  5. I don't need to focus Pete, my lists plays itself.
    I just have to turn up so they have someone to hand the trophy to.
    In the mean time I have a slutty outfit to prepare...

  6. It's nice to know you care Pete.

  7. I think these posts a a great strategy by Pete to take attention away from himself so he can slide the knife in from the shadows. The person that wins this event will be the person that has designed a list to beat Pete and his Skaven and can handle some of the other players.

  8. Look luck to all who are attending!

    My Bets are on Sam C and Pete D!

  9. Damn, not picked again.
    Are you open to bribes Pete?