Thursday, August 1, 2013

Terrain - New Flocked Hills

If I'm supplying terrain for events I like to take the opportunity in the weeks leading up to the tournament to build/finish one of my many terrain project.

This weekend I have Call to Arms and I saw this as a chance to finish some hills that I had on the backburner.

The hills are cut from polystrene, sealed with PVA and then painted. Finally I flock the flat surfaces with Static Grass. These now match the 3-4 GW Battlemats that I have and will form the basis for those tables.

Static Grass Application Underway

The Finished Set

Close Up Showing How Well My Grasstech Applicator Works


  1. How tall are the hills? Do you guys play with any modifications to the hill rules, or still use true line of sight?

    1. 1" levels. Wellington plays TLOS with no modifications. Just like it says on the tin :-)

  2. Looks great, but how do I hide my DP behind them!?

  3. Nice, what do you use to cut the polystyrene?

  4. Where do you source yr foam styrene from?