Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Kromlech Plague Reaper

Last Wednesday I ordered two of Kromlech's Plague Reapers. They are billed as Daemonic Executioners and so I thought I would use them as additional Beasts in my Daemons of Chaos.

Well they arrived from Poland today - less than 7 days from point of ordering - and they are very nice figures. Virtually no flash at all. Size wise they stand 53mm tall.

Here are some pictures after I put one together (three piece). They have resin pins but I removed them and used metal ones for greater longevity.

The plan is to have them painted for games on the weekend.


  1. Nice fig Pete. Did you order from the site or off Ebay?

  2. I like 'em very much. I had a look at them when you first mentioned Kromlech in a post last week or so ago.