Monday, August 19, 2013

NZ ETC Captain 2014

It's with some trepidation that I can announce that the NZ ETC team has a new captain for 2014 - yours truly.

I'm very honoured to take up the role and would like to thank those that encouraged and cajoled me to put my name forward. The first task will be to select the team and I'm very lucky to have the services of outgoing captain Chris Wilcox and ETC veteran Mal Patel on the selection panel. I'll post up some details on the process that we'll be using in the next couple of days.

Finally a big thank you to all the previous team members (and captains) for their efforts since 2010. The intention is to continue the tradition of playing the game in the right spirit and build on your previous results.

Oh and for locals, don't expect a spate of ETC comp events. I'll be keeping those "activities" in the privacy of my own backyard. I believe the local community is quite well-served by the light comp we have now


  1. Nice work Pete. Couldnt think of a better person for the role.

  2. Congratulations Pete.
    That explains all the analysis you have been doing.
    Good luck with it all.

    1. I think the 2 are unrelated. That kind of numbers analysis is kinda his thing, and would have taken place regardless.

  3. Congrats Pete, I'm sure whoever makes the team they will be well prepared.

  4. does anyone else have the mental image of pete taking 8 of his own armies and scurrying from table to table like a chess grand master playing 8 simultaneous games :) It is a good mental image :)

  5. If you were to host a public ETC event in Welly so the NZ (and OZ) based ETC players can have a weekend smashing face of us plebs I'm sure you would get interest from the wider community.

    Variety being the key to Warhammer happiness and all that...

    Joel v

  6. Congrats Pete. If I can help with being a chump for ppl to practice running over let me know