Monday, August 19, 2013

More Reflections on Lizards

Over the weekend I played two games against the new Lizards. In both cases I used the Daemon list I've been running recently which marries the two earlier DoC armies I used - Nurgle and Tzeentch based.

After the games - now three again the new Lizards - I remain convinced that the key to successful Lizards will be considered use of High Magic and making the most of the "Contemplations" lore attribute. It is the Swiss Army Knife of magic and I can see good players getting great results by planning how they will use it.

As a minimum I would sit down with a piece of paper and write down what spells you would want against each race. This would give you a template to work with in game until it becomes second nature. Generally these choices will be self-explanatory but in the heat of battle having a guide to fall back on is not a bad idea.

By my reckoning a generic Slaan can be relied on to "forget" 3-4 spells per game and that is what your plan should be built around. Both Tempest and the Fiery #6 spells are good candidates in Turns 1-2 to be cast and forgotten. The #6 spell especially as it is RIP and neuters your opponent's next magic phase.

My own thoughts are that a good list is unlikely to see more than one Skink Priest - likely carrying a scroll - the dice are just too important for the Slaan to allow the required 3 dice for a Priest Wildform. If you want Wildform better to get it via the Slaan.

Interesting to see how many blowpipe Skinks we see now the Javelin + Shield conveys 5+/6++

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