Sunday, August 11, 2013

Weekend Gaming

With Lynne away for the weekend I took the opportunity to get in three games to give some of my newly painted Daemons a spin. The list I took was an amalgam of the two Daemon lists I've been running since the new book came out.

Old Blue Eyes the newly painted GUO took over the army from the Death Chicken I had been running recently. He was backed up by a Herald BSB, core of Plaguies and Horrors, the obligatory Beasts, some marked Furies, a Skullcannon (note singular) and some flies.  The army is finally nearing completion and the bases and movement trays are pulling it all together nicely. If you check back over the past six months you'll find pictures on the blog of all these units.

First up was the new Lizards. Mike was running units from the old book with Temple Guard and Jungle Swarms seeing the table for the first time since the Late Cretaceous. The key thing with this game was it quickly became clear how wrong the "Internet wisdom" is in relation to the new Lizards. A High Loremaster is a beautiful thing and the pundits have completely underestimated how strong the "Contemplations" lore attribute is.  The new rules will really reward good players who can adapt to challenges presented in-game. The new Lizards will still be a force and in the hands of a good player we'll get the "broken" calls from the peanut gallery.

This morning it was onto Warriors of Chaos and Ryan's Slaaneshi list. The game was Watchtower but most of the fighting went on outside the tower.  On T1 the GUO and Daemon Prince went at it but it proved to be a bit of a cripple fight with only limited wounds until T4 until Ryan got off Choir and with the help of the OTS my GUO went back to the warp. His jubilation was shortlived as my Drones finished him off the next combat phase. On the other side of the tower my Beast block help up  his BSB on Disk with 1+/3++ kit and a Gorebeast chariot that could not get an attack due to challenge shenanigans by my Beasts. Eventually a Chimera turned up to help but was dispatched by a Skullcannon.

The final game was against John's Dark Elves in Dawn Attack. This game was characterised by extremes in the Reign of Chaos. On Turn 1 I received 14 Bloodletters while on T3 I removed two units of Ruries and the Skullcannon after rolling Snake Eyes. From this game I took away a new love for the Soulbight spell which allowed my Beasts to hold up and eventually beat (with some late help) the COK bus and a Pendant Lord. It was a fun game and it was a real opportunity to test out Lore of Death.

So all up three good games against great opponents. Back now to flocking movement trays.

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