Tuesday, August 20, 2013

FOB NZ Rankings System Update

Jack has been busy today updating the functionality of the FOB Rankings System.

If you click onto the rankings page you will see a Ranking Points Calculator. Here you can input the number of rounds, number of players and finishing position and it will tell you how many ranking points you would earn. Great for working out all the machinations required to prize an icon off a hated rival.

The second addition is called "Masters Mode". Click this and it strips out all results prior to 1 November last year thus providing the real lay of the land regarding Masters qualification.

Thanks to Jack for all his efforts and hopefully these new features will prove useful to you.


  1. A huge thanks the both of you.
    The effort it truely appreciated across NZ.

    1. Totally agree. Huge effort much appreciated.

    2. Truly doesn't have an "e" in it Tom.

    3. Jem...
      Jem is truly outrageous
      Truly, truly, truly outrageous
      Woo ooo Jem...
      the music's contagious (outrageous)

    4. Ah, I used to really hate that song when I was a kid because it meant that Transformers was officially over! Now I kind of like it in a nostalgic sort-of-way.... in fact I am going to and listen to it now!