Monday, August 19, 2013

FOB NZ WHFB Rankings - Updated for NerdyCon

The Fantasy rankings have been updated for NerdyCon held over the weekend in Auckland. Also Call to Arms 2012 results have now passed their use-by date.

NerdyCon was won by Dan Butler with Skaven and I think this represents his first ever win at a ranked NZ event. Congratulations Dan, I can't believe it has been so long coming and I expect the floodgates have now opened. This has jumped Dan up to #3 in the Rankings. Second was Nerdyman (and People's Champion) Henry Poor with Orcs and Goblins and Third Graeme Fry with High Elves. All three attended the recent Horned Rat Gobbo and you can see the value of that experience. Henry is now knocking on the door of the Top 20.

The removal of CTA 2012 has reduced Tim Joss lead at #1 by 2 points while it has tumbled Joel van de Ven-Long out of the Top 10. Joel is going to have to start repaying some of the faith I place in him before every event.

Icons remain static.


  1. Dont worry Pete. I cant make Skitterleap or Vermintide this year so only 1 more event (Warpfire) of misplaced faith to go :P

  2. Thanks Pete, not entirely comfortable with this first place business, suppose it could grow on me. 1400 points still gives Skaven room to swing a cat.